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Holiday doggie Tees
Just $9.99!

Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday blue Tee with trees and popcorn garland or snow

Happy Holiday green Tee with red bow

Red tee with Seasons Greetings in gold foil.

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America’s Tail Wagging Bandanna. Blue and white stars form a background of this bandanna that features a wide red stripe and the quote “Keep Your Tail Waggin’ – America!”

Special Holiday Price $4.50

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Pet and Travel News

The European Market: 

The European Commission will allow pets to travel throughout the EU countries this summer (2005), although the new passport system is not completely in place. The exceptions will be Britain, Ireland, and Sweden. These countries have opted not to use the system, which covers dogs, cats, and ferrets, for five years. All pet owners who have the pet passports or a certificate stating the pet’s country origin can travel with their pets until October 1, although the monitoring system is not in place.  The passports are helpful in showing a pet’s medical history, which is important for the pet and countries involved.

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Travel Tips

Packing for
Your Pet 

It is important to have your pet feel comfortable and have familiar items while traveling.

See that you pack one of your pet’s favorite toys.

Ensure that your pet eats the same food and treats as always and pack those.

Definitely pack the travel water bowl so your pet can have fresh water.

Do take any medication that your pet may need while traveling.

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